Rift Valley fever: background and updates

Dr Mohamed Hassan

Dr Mohamed Hassan from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presents on Rift Valley fever from the perspective of a livestock importing country

The latter part of Day 1 and the opening session of Day 2 featured four presentations under the theme, Rift Valley fever: background and updates.

Dr Kariuki Njenga of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention opened with a presentation on the Rift Valley situation in various countries in Africa.

RVF in Africa

This was followed by a presentation on Rift Valley fever by Dr Mohamed Hassan from the Ministry of Agriculture, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, highlighting various perspectives and concerns of livestock importing countries in the Middle East, and the disease control programs in place.

Rift Valley fever

In his other presentation under this theme, Dr Kariuki Njenga discussed the laboratory diagnosis of the Rift Valley fever virus and the use of vaccines as a control strategy during different Rift Valley fever situations, for example, during endemic periods with regular or sporadic outbreaks.

RVF Diagnosis and Vaccines

Finally, Dr Peter Ithondeka, the Director of Veterinary Services of Kenya, outlined some practical considerations in the control of Rift Valley fever. He underscored the importance of public awareness during outbreaks as this helps to avoid spreading fear and misinformation.

RVF considerations